Future Plans

We are working together with producer Monique Busman of De Familie on a new full-length film about transhumanism. Right now we are looking for international broadcasters who are willing to join our effort.

You can support us by liking us on Facebook and sending us any relevant information you might have about transhumanism and futurism in general. You will find a contact link at the bottom of this page. Of course donations are welcome, too. So please contact us about other possibilities to contribute.



Documentary - 23 minutes (including titles) - XDCAM HD - Broadcaster: Buddhist Broadcasting Foundation


Anders Sandberg, Nick Bostrom, Arjen Kamphuis, Natasha Vita-More


Philosopher Anders Sandberg does not accept death as a foregone conclusion. According to him it will become possible this century to upload your mind into a computer. He is a member of a small group that calls itself the transhumanists. In TRANSHUMAN director Titus Nachbauer faces the group's wild ideas. As he tries to understand them time is ticking and there is only one thing that is certain: the future is coming.